A solid silver flutes made during the Paul Goumas ownership of the Buffet firm (1855 – 1885).

Mostly known for their clarinets, Buffet produced a handful of superb instruments in the latter part of the 19th. century. Goumas (Buffet-Crampon’s nephew), joined the company in 1855, retired thirty years later. His flutes are distinctive and of high quality.

*** A solid silver Buffet-Crampon flute, serial number 1074 (1865 – 1875). ***

French hallmarks and maker’s mark are found on each key, the body and the foot.

Soldered tone-holes, plateau keywork to low C, offset G.

We measure the silver tube as .013 inches (.33 mm.)

B-C trill ; First finger RH touch for the G key.

Embouchure measures 10.3 X 11.8 mm.

Sounding length is 599 mm, the head may have been shortened two or three mm.

Original spike and washer pad retainers.

Case is well-worn and original.

Total weight is 421 grams.

For those considering “Old French”, this flute should satisfy all expectations. If performs well at 440 pitch with a tone-color that’s as smooth as silk.