A solid silver flutes made during the Paul Goumas ownership of the Buffet firm (1855 – 1885).

Mostly known for their clarinets, Buffet produced a handful of superb instruments in the latter part of the 19th. century. Goumas (Buffet-Crampon’s nephew), joined the company in 1855, retired thirty years later. His flutes are distinctive and of high quality.

*** A solid silver Buffet-Crampon flute, serial number 1275 (1865 – 1875). ***

French hallmarks and maker’s mark are found on each key, the head, body and foot.

Soldered tone-holes, French (open) keywork to low C, offset plateau G.

We measure the silver tube as .013 inches (.33 mm.)

Bb trill ; First finger RH touch for the G key.

Embouchure measures 10.3 X 12.1 mm.

Sounding length is 599 mm, the head appears to have been shortened four mm.

Original spike and washer pad retainers. Pads are in fine condition, sealing well and look new or close to it.

Case is solid, French from the 1920’s or 1930’s,

Total weight is 438 grams.

Goumas / Buffet-Crampon solid silver flutes are a bit rare and we’re pleased to have two currently in the vault. Playing characteristics and tone-color are similar to Louis Lot silver instruments of the late 19th century. We recommend them to discerning clients who seek “Old French” for a best-buy price.

For those considering “Old French”, this flute should satisfy all expectations. If performs well at 440 pitch with a tone-color that’s as smooth as silk.