A solid silver flute from the “Golden Era” at Haynes.

Serial number is 30,291, hand-made in Boston in 1961.

Soldered tone-holes, open (French) keywork to low B, inline G.

We measure the silver tube as .013 inches (.34 mm.)

Embouchure measures 10.0 X 12.2 mm.

Sounding length is 635 mm, the flute plays very well at 440 pitch.

Original pad retainers..

Case is original, showing a few scuffs.

Total weight is 409 grams.


In 1961, I was a student at Wichita University and a member of their so-called “Symphonic Wind Ensemble”.

To my right sat Jerry Felmlee; Carolyn was on my left.

I don’t recall exactly how it happened, but Jerry had taken delivery of a new Haynes early in the year and, a couple of months later was offered a new Powell. He couldn’t decide which to keep.

Carolyn was my best buddy, the finest flutist I ever knew. She was in the market for a new flute.

Being literally right in the middle of negotiations, I watched my two friends agree on a five-hundred-fifty price for the Haynes.

Jerry kept the Powell, was a member of the Dallas Symphony for a season or two, then moved to Germany. He kept the Powell only for only a couple of years.

Carolyn was our Wichita Symphony principal flutiest for two seasons, moved to Omaha and lived happily ever after. She cherished the Haynes, number 30,291, for the rest of her life. Her flute and Carolyn herself have been my friends for six decades.

The flute is not for sale, but will be one of these days. I’m now eighty and cannot, of course, keep things forever.

An extra-special Haynes, not yet for sale.