A solid silver flute from the “Golden Era” at Haynes.

Serial number is 39,597, hand-made in Boston in 1972.

Soldered tone-holes, open (French) keywork to low B, inline G.

We measure the silver tube as .016 inches (.36 mm.)

Embouchure measures 10.4 X 12.1 mm.

Sounding length is 636 mm, the flute plays very well at 440 pitch.

Original pad retainers. Pads and corks are new.

Case is original, “like-new” condition.

Total weight is 473 grams.

A fine and straight Haynes from the middle of their Golden Era. The first owner was, we’ve been advised, primarily a saxophonist. That means this instrument has been played very little since new. The tone-color is dark and full, with an especially seducing lower register. In our opinion, this one’s a 10.0 on a scale of ten.