A solid silver flute made during the H.D. Villette ownership of the Lot workshop (1876 - 1882 ).

*** A solid silver Louis Lot flute, number 3228 (1882). ***

French hallmarks and maker’s mark are found on the body and the foot.

Soldered tone-holes, perforated (“French”) keywork to low C, in-line G.

We measure the silver tube as .013 inches (.33 mm.)

B-C trill .

Embouchure measures 10.0 X 11.8 mm.

Sounding length is 597 mm, the head may have been shortened several mm.

Original spike and washer pad retainers.

Case is well-worn, probably from the 1920’s.

Total weight is 389 grams.

The instrument came to us in a sorry state with multiple dings and scuffs. We’ve spent nearly forty hours with the restoration and can now report the flute plays very well indeed with a rich voice and lower register.

No thin spots to the silver, no cracks or breaks anywhere. The voice is “classical Louis Lot” and the flute is highly recommended by us.