A solid silver flute made during the ownership of the workshop by Debonneetbeau de Coutelier, (1882 – 1889).

*** A solid silver Louis Lot flute, number 3760 (1884). ***

French hallmarks and maker’s mark are found on the body and the foot.

Soldered tone-holes, perforated (French) keywork to low C, in-line G.

We measure the silver tube as .013 inches (.33 mm.)

Bb shake, two adjusting screws lower stack keys.

Embouchure measures 9.9 X 11.8 mm.

Sounding length is 601 mm. We see no evidence of the head section having been cut shorter.

Original spike and washer pad retainers.

Case is original, cartouche on the lid with name of the first owner.

Total weight is 386 grams.

This flute seems to have been a special order from a very particular musician. “Chauvet” engraved on the embouchure plate; Illegible initials showing on the socket; intricate star engraving also on the socket.

One of the more interesting facets of Louis Lot flutes is the fact that no two are exactly alike. This particular instrument, however, is quite special. Not a modern instrument in any way, which means the new owner will be obliged to “learn” how to make it sing. Give it a few days, scales and Bach sonatas, and the results will amaze the finest flutists.

The instrument appears to have been played very little, showing sharp engraving on the head and body sections.

Major restoration was not necessary, but all pads and corks have been replaced.

It’s a very clean example for the “Old French purist”.

The flute is highly recommended by us.