A solid silver flute made during the ownership of the workshop by Debonneetbeau de Coutelier, (1882 – 1889).

*** A solid silver Louis Lot flute, number 4202 (1886 ) ***

French hallmarks and maker’s mark are found on the body, the foot and on most keys.

Soldered tone-holes, perforated (French) keywork to low C, in-line G.

We measure the silver tube as .014 inches (.35 mm.)

Bb shake, no adjusting screws.

Embouchure measures 10.0 X 11.8 mm.

Sounding length is 599 mm. The head may have been shortened two mm.

Modern “Boston-type” pad retainers.

Case may be original.

Total weight is 407 grams.

This flute is, in our opinion, a particularly fine example from the 1880’s Lot workshop. The slightly heavier silver tube gives a bit more power to the instruments entire range. Of the Lot flutes now in our collection, this instrument is perhaps the closest to a modern flute.

The instrument appears to have been played very little, showing sharp engraving on the head and body sections.

Major restoration was not necessary, but all pads and corks have been replaced.