Verne Q. Powell (BOSTON)

A solid silver flute from the “pre-Wasser” Powell workshop.

Serial number 3135 hand-made in Boston in 1969.

Soldered tone-holes, open (French) keywork to low B, inline G, D# roller.

In 1969, Powell built 269 flutes, both “commercial” and “handmade French model”.

We measure the silver tube as .014 inches (.33 mm.)

Embouchure measures 10.0 X 12.3 mm.

Sounding length is 636 mm, the flute plays very well at 440 pitch.

Original pad retainers. Pads and corks are new.

Case is original, “like-new” condition.

Total weight is 429 grams.

The instrument was sold in 1969 to Mr. Arthur C. Lytle, Jr. “Flute teacher and soloist”, of Redondo Beach, Caiforia. The instrument was recently acquired by us from the administrator of the estate. We have full history of the flute from the day it left the Powell workshop in Boston.

This one’s a “gentleman’s flute”, clean and proper with a solid traditional Powell voice. Not an “easy play” instrument, but one that requires a bit of time to befriend it. The quality of workmanship is superb and the tonal quality is regal. “Ten out of ten” is our rating. It’s a wonderful flute and a real work of art.