Verne Q. Powell, hand made, number 3769  (1973).


Soldered tone-holes, B  foot,  keywork showing virtually no wear to the hinge-tubes. The solid silver tube measures .018 inches (head, body and foot). 


Traditional Powell scale, sounding length is 636 mm (A = 440).


Embouchure measures 10.3 X 12.0 mm.

The embouchure and riser are solid 14K red gold.

In 1973 the Powell firm built only 193 flutes, both “hand made” and “commercial”.

This instrument has been in our collection for some time, acquired by us from a fellow dealer who took it as a trade-in for a guitar. It appears to have been played very little in the past half century.

Having replaced pads and lightly polished the instrument, we found a vintage C foot that seems to make a nice addition to the flute. The C foot is silver (hallmark on the C# key touch), but we believe built in Belgium perhaps before 1930. The C foot does have soldered tone-holes and extended key-arms.

This is not a light-weight paper-thin flute and that means it’s not for everybody. With C foot it weighs 433 grams; with B foot the weight is 463.

Personally, I prefer this instrument to any of the Powells now in our collection.

Highly recommended vintage flute that's quite different from the Powells of today.

Two foot sections - $7950