Verne Q. Powell, hand-made, number 6229 (1982) COOPER SCALE A = 442.


Soldered tone-holes, B  foot,  keywork showing absolutely no wear to the hinge-tubes or keys.

The solid silver tube measures .016 inches (body and foot), .014 inches (head) .

The flute  was constructed with inline G, and soldered tone-holes. 


Cooper scale, sounding length is 633 mm (A = 442).


Embouchure measures 10.3 X 12.2 mm.

The Powell workshop did build a few “Cooper Scale” instruments in the years just before Albert Cooper made an exclusive arrangement with the Brannen brothers.

This is another flute that’s been played only a few times since new, acquired by us from a large Mid-West USA shop that sells guitars, entry-level winds and (so it seems) very few pro-model wind instruments.

No scratches or dings, a very “comfortable” instrument that’s suitable for use with any ensemble.